My current favorite form of giving back.

I just finished checking on my balance, so I thought I would share my love of this website.  Frankly, it allows me to make my very, very limited resources stretch further than normal charitable giving ever would.  I know that my money is going to help those who need it around the world and as that balance is paid back, I am able to reuse the funds.  It is as if I am giving over and over again, even if I never truly increase the amount I have in circulation.  This cycle really is an amazing thing for a person such as myself who has such extremely limited funds at her disposal.

My love of “P2P charity” in the form of Kiva is related to other forms of P2P lending, which I may talk about in a later post.  Or about how I survive so comfortably at the income level I occupy.


Welcome to my new blog!

Hello, there, and welcome to my new blog!  I’m not terribly sure what I will do with it yet, as there are so many things rattling around in my noggin that I feel I should get out.  Most likely this will start out as something personal and possibly move onto a personal finance type blog.  That is something I’ve been considering getting off the ground, although I haven’t had time to start it yet.  At any rate, welcome!